About Us

The King Project

Whether it’s asphalt, dirt or snow, we are going to conquer all terrains with our boards. By starting this King Project, we want all skateboarders around the world to get involved and share the fun.

Our Main Goal

We believe that skateboarding shouldn’t be limited to skate parks only. If you’re currently a skateboarder and haven’t tried any other different terrains, we encourage you to do so. O

ur main goal with this project is to encourage skaters to break out of their comfort zones and try new, harder things.

Racing downhill on a longboard can be super fun. Yet, many skateboarders don’t even think about this branch.

Also, if you live in areas where it snows in the winter, you can try snowboarding. Although these are basically boarding, you’ll find much different experiences with each one.

Challenge yourself and see if you can reach newer heights with your boarding skills!

Michael J. Smith, Project Manager

Hi and welcome to the blog! Just like anything, skateboarding at first was super fun and thrilling to me. I had a great time learning new tricks and advancing my skills level. When I became more skillful, I eventually got bored.

It may sound hard to believe, but I stopped skateboarding for a while. However, that didn’t stop the fire in me. My love for boarding was re-kindled when I picked up snowboarding. You think the two are the same? Not even close!

It has been a super exciting experience that I will never forget. So today, I challenge you to broaden your horizons. Take on new branches to see where your skills are at. I think the sky is your limit!

Timothy E. Brown, Skate Specialist

Hey, how are you? I see this very common problem with many skaters. Once they get used to skating one type of board, they become arrogant and unwilling to try the other kinds. It’s their loss. I don’t want you to be one of them.

I have a vast knowledge of many types of boards. Part of the reason is because I don’t stop when I master one kind. I want that feeling of being a beginner again when learning something I’ve never known. With that experience, I can help you pick the best boards. Also, you will learn how to not make beginner mistakes and save a lot of time!